Digital Art is any art created using digital devices: computers, interfaces and networks.

Digital Art by Defi

Digital art is the ultimate in abstraction. In the 21st century, the major evolution is the recognition of abstraction and the conceptual. In digital art, abstraction is at its most total, because it doesn’t call on the use of real matter to express a concept; the matter itself is theoretical.

It’s part of a global social and cultural evolution, because it’s part of the continuity of traditional research.

This ferment bears witness to the fact that digital art does indeed have a soul, and that it intends to assert its place in contemporary art.

It’s Total Art, because it continues the old dream and is in the tradition of artistic research. The soul of digital art stands apart from other art forms.

Virtual when it was first conceived, it is revolutionizing artistic creation and taking on a soul of its own, in search of the essence of the 8th Art.

Digital technology is bringing about profound, radical upheavals in the subterranean but crucial relationship between art and science, whether “applied” or “fundamental”.

This explains the effectiveness of digital technology and the scope of its application in the artistic field.

If digital art is based on “advanced” technology, it is not reduced to technological effects.

It bears witness to a wealth and variety of different, even opposing, trends and aesthetics, all feeding on the same paradigm of hybridization.

In conclusion

… With Digital Art, we’re changing history….. Extract from the book “L’Art Numérique” by E. COUCHOT and N.HILAIRE – Editions Flammarion