Art Numérique EN

The Digital Art, in its design, corresponds to an ultimate degree of abstraction. It is a continuation of an evolution of the history of Art, from the figurative to abstract and conceptual.

In the 21st century, the major change is the admission of abstract and conceptual. In the Digital Art abstraction is the most complete because it does use material to express a real Art.

Digital is a Total Art because it continues the old dream and follows the tradition of artistic research.

The soul of Digital Art is distinguished from other forms of Art, virtual from the beginning of its design concept, it revolutionized the artistic creation and is in the process of establishing an own soul and seek the essence of the 8th Art.

“The Digital introduced deep changes, radical in the underground report but now crucial that develops between the Art and Science « applied » or « fundamental » – …. With digital Art, we change the Art history … Extracts from the book « Digital Art » E. COUCHOT and N.HILAIRE – Editions Flammarion –

Digital Art works can be … generating a « virtual seed “ which gives birth to a colorful garden … The artist created the breeding ground of the Art work … (From an article in the Express’ PARIS CULTURE ART » of January 18, 2012 – quotes from Mr. Nils AZIOSMANOFF – Chairman of Cube)