Sculpture et Art numérique

Her way… Sculpture and Digital Art.

She has been drawing since childhood
When she was 10 years old, she took art classes in the French National Art School at NICE.
The circumstances of life drove her to scientific studies. After these and after graduation she decided to leave as stage designer for the “Club Mediterranée”.
Her passion for Art and particularly sculpture was stronger than science.
Returning to Paris she bought a block of marble and began her career as a sculptor.
The sculpture took all the space in her life: her Art works are found in squares, in parks …. in France and abroad, including Japan where the Hakone Open Air Museum acquired one of her sculptures.

Visage-25-à gauche

There are about fifteen years and along with her sculptural work she began a research in Digital Art.
“I did not quit my Art as a sculptor but shared with another area of creativity and innovation that makes me travel in color.” comments Marie Claire de FILIPPI